Outdoor Fireplace Patio in New Holland Pa

Joel and Marty were longtime landscape clients, having hired us to update and maintain the landscape at their home in New Holland, PA.  After a number of years, they began planning a new home and asked us to complete their landscape design, front paver walkway, as well as a backyard hardscape patio that includes a firepit.  

We always view it as an honor when a longtime client asks us to work at their new home, and we love to be involved early in the home construction process!  When we collaborate with the home builder, small decisions can be made that reduce the overall cost of constructing a concrete paver patio. This allows and fully integrates the outdoor living space with the home’s overall design for a seamless and classy look.  

When we developed this patio design, we ensured it was fully permeable. This allows the rainfall to be absorbed back into the soil underneath, and the patio is able to store up to 4 inches of rainfall. This added feature prevents the rainwater runoff from contributing to any flooding or erosion issues on the property. Additionally, because we were involved with the home builder from the beginning, we were able to ensure that the home’s foundation was protected to avoid any issues with dampness in the basement.

To design the project, a concrete paver with a 3 color blend was chosen, echoing similar colors of the stone veneer on the home.  Semi-circular accents in the front walkway welcome friends & guests to the home, and contrasting dark borders echo the roof color to tie in a complete look. 

The patio space was designed to allow ample room for family gatherings.  A custom-tiered fire pit includes a place to relax and make memories of s’mores and hot dog roasts with their grandchildren!  The patio is on the east side of the home, providing a beautiful view of the sunrise while protecting the area from the hottest afternoon sun.  

The landscape was designed to provide not only privacy in key areas but also durability and low maintenance.  To bring the entire area together, we made sure to incorporate the homeowner’s favorite plants, colors, and textures.  Boxwoods provide a year-round pop of color and complete the appearance of the front of the home, while dwarf ornamental grasses soften the landscape and add additional color. Large trees were installed along the street to provide additional privacy and beauty. 

To illuminate the fire pit and walkway area, we used low voltage lighting, providing ambiance for the fire pit area and a sense of welcome and security for the front entrance.  Lanterns were installed on the piers around the fire pit for additional lighting when hosting large groups, and match the lanterns that are installed at the patio doors.  This combination of pier lanterns on a dimmer switch and low voltage under-cap lighting provides great flexibility in setting the mood!  

Using this combination of tiered and low lighting creates a warm and relaxing ambiance that is perfect for smaller groups and long conversations.  However, when hosting larger groups and dining outdoors, brighter lighting is often more appropriate and is just the flick of a switch away!  It also makes cleanup after an evening party so much easier. 

Thanks again, Joel & Marty, for trusting Willow Gates Landscaping with your new home!

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