Backyard Patio design IN Wayne, Pa

When Joyce first contacted us, she mentioned that we were highly recommended for creative paver patio and paver walkway projects.  This piqued her interest, as she wanted a hardscape contractor who could deliver a creative, high-quality patio that would complement her historic home on the Main Line.  Joyce had already done a great deal of research on installation methods and the various products available. She was a pleasure to work with and remained very involved with us in the design process.  Techo-Bloc’s Westmount paver was chosen, a concrete paver that resembles thin brick, as its traditional shape and color complemented both her home and the historic neighborhood that surrounds her home.  As this concrete paver’s dimensions don’t lend very well to a curving shape, this backyard patio was designed with all straight lines.  An octagonal pattern was inset to add visual interest, with a custom triple paver border that was designed by Joyce and her son.

Every beautiful patio deserves quality lighting so you can continue enjoying the outdoor living space long after the sun sets, and this patio project is no exception!  Low voltage area lighting was combined with light fixtures embedded in the border of the patio. This helped to delineate the outer edge of the patio space.  New landscaping was also installed, with the goal of a timeless design that would require little maintenance while offering optimal enjoyment.  We worked with Joyce to incorporate Dwarf boxwoods and Japanese maples to anchor the landscape design. To offer some additional visual appeal, we utilized uplighting on the Japanese Mapel trees to highlight their unique colors and branching structure.  We thank Joyce both for the opportunity to work on her beautiful home and to collaborate on a unique design!

Something that we are always concerned about is maintaining the integrity of the existing structures in the area. Due to the historic location of Joyce’s home, the backyard was rather tight to access, with only a few inches to spare between her home and the detached garage. Of additional concern was a new concrete walkway.   Rather than risk damaging the historic structures and new walkway with large equipment, we chose to use smaller equipment.  We ensure that all of the existing structures and features are kept safe and unharmed, allowing Joyce to have peace of mind for the implementation of the entire project. Take a look below at the final results of this project.

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