30 Walkway Paver Ideas

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Do you want your backyard to be the talk of the neighborhood? If you need a walkway at your home, you don’t want to install the same walkway that everyone else has. Concrete walkways have limitations, but using pavers creates a wide-open field of possibilities. You can find an option that not only will look uniquely stylish but also will match your backyard. We will explore 30 different walkway paver ideas that may be the right style for your home!

30 Walkway Paver Ideas

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1. Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are the classic choice. Many people are drawn to this style because of the charm of its traditional reddish hues, although you can get them in other colors as well. Brick pavers will match most houses, creating a relaxing, stylish property for you to impress your guests. Alongside aesthetics, they are also long-lasting and fairly low maintenance, especially if they are installed with a firm foundation. If you are looking for paver walkway ideas, brick pavers are worth considering.

2. Concrete Pavers

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A prevalent walkway paver idea is concrete pavers. Concrete pavers have versatility like none else, available in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Concrete pavers will fit your plans whether you want an outdoor kitchen or dream of a pergola patio.  No matter what type of house you have, you can find an option that suits your preferences. Concrete pavers are one of your cheaper options, making an affordable yet durable patio. 

At Willow Gates Landscaping, we install many concrete pavers, including the project shown above. For more paver walkway ideas, see some of our featured projects.

3. Interlocking Concrete Pavers

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Interlocking concrete pavers make a distinct pattern using several sizes that interlock together in a puzzle-like appearance. There is an infinite amount of options, allowing you to choose a pattern that is unique to your house. You can customize the look you want for your house by mixing up colors as well. For more interlocking concrete walkway paver ideas, take a look at a paver project we completed in Lancaster, Pa.

4. Cobblestone Pavers

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If you like a rustic look, cobblestone pavers are an excellent choice as a walkway paver idea. Adding a sense of history to your property, cobblestone pavers are usually made of very durable products, such as granite, and require very little maintenance besides taking care of the weeds. Because the cobblestone pavers have more space in between, they may have more weeds to get rid of than other walkways, but that also makes them permeable, allowing rain to soak through the walkway.

5. Flagstone Pavers

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For a beautiful and unique walkway, flagstone pavers create a unique and natural look that will make a visually appealing walkway. Flagstone pavers turn your walkway into a natural pathway and look fantastic when paired with shrubbery and flowers. When installed properly, flagstone pavers are very durable and will last a long time. For more walkway paver ideas, look at our gallery of complete projects

6. Slate Pavers

Another walkway paver idea is using slate pavers. Although more expensive, slate pavers create a beautiful, contemporary look.  Several different sizes can be used to create an interlocking pattern as if combining flagstone pavers and interlocking pavers. They are heavy, making them challenging to install, but they are very durable and will stand the test of time.  

7. Bluestone Pavers

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Bring out the elegance of your yard with bluestone pavers. Bluestone pavers are a type of sandstone with a natural blue coloration, creating a sophisticated visual effect. They are a more expensive walkway paver idea because they are a natural product, but well worth the extra cost. The blue hue brings a calming and natural look to your project. Check out some similar patio and walkway options that Willow Gates Landscaping can offer you and your home. For a fireplace similar to the one pictured above, check out Zentro Fire Pit Inserts. If you want lighting added to your patio, reach out to Jeremy at Willow Gates Landscaping to discuss your options. Take a look at these outdoor lights and lighting accessories that may fit your style!

8. Limestone Pavers

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Limestone pavers are made of a light-colored stone that can give you a versatility that other options may not be able to. Available in many different options, this natural stone can give you the walkway creativity that you would like. Brighten up your life with a limestone walkway paver for your home.

9. Travertine Pavers

A specific type of limestone paver is the travertine paver.  This elegant natural stone provides a warm color for your walkway. With colors such as ivory, gold, and brown, travertine pavers may be the perfect choice for your home. Because it is a natural stone, it may be more expensive, but it will also provide durability, longevity, and slip resistance for your home.

10. Granite Pavers

If you have a high-traffic area, granite pavers may be a good choice for you. This natural stone paver is very hard, making it durable and able to withstand high pressure. Additionally, granite pavers have an outstanding natural look, turning your property into an impressive display with this walkway paver idea.

11. Sandstone Pavers

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Another natural walkway paver idea is sandstone pavers. Durability, versatility, and slip resistance are just a few of the benefits that sandstone pavers can offer you. Additionally, they are known for their warm colors, such as beige, tan, brown, red, and gray. If those are the colors you want, harness the natural beauty sandstone can offer.

12. Porcelain Pavers

Do you have a modern style? Porcelain pavers can be an excellent walkway paver idea if you like a modern look. This walkway option is resistant to things like staining and provides durability. Other pavers can be prone to fading; porcelain pavers will keep their color and luster for a long time. With many different color and style options, porcelain pavers are worth checking out.

13. Marble Pavers

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One of the best walkway paver ideas is a marble paver. Marble pavers have much to offer, including stunning elegance and luxurious appearance. Available in various colors and finishes, you can choose an option that suits you and your home. The instant you install a marble paver pathway, the value of your home will increase. Marble can be slippery when wet, but is an excellent choice as you design your walkway.

14. Terracotta Pavers

To give your property a warm look, terracotta pavers are what you are looking for. Bringing the Mediterranean feel to your home, they can be used alone or in a combination for your paver walkway. Let your inner taste be showcased for all to see. For more walkway paver ideas, see our hardscape photo galleries.

15. Quarry Stone Pavers

Quarry stone is the name for natural stone. If you like a natural look, quarry stone is the way to go. Although this walkway paver idea is more expensive, quarry stone can give you a rugged look that will elevate your property to become the neighborhood envy!

16. Rubber Pavers

For a shock-absorbent and slip-resistant paver walkway idea, rubber pavers can bring you benefits that stone cannot. Although not as visually appealing, rubber pavers will not break, are low maintenance, and absorb sound. If those things sound good to you, consider using rubber pavers for your project. 

17. Grass Pavers

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How can grass form a paver? Grass pavers consist of laying stone or concrete pavers 4”-6” apart and allowing grass to grow in between. If the grass is maintained, grass pavers have much to offer your backyard. With a mix of stone and greenery, your walkway is more a part of the yard than a separate part. This walkway paver idea can easily be a cheaper option compared to some of the others.

18. Permeable Pavers

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Permeable paver walkways are designed to allow water to seep through the walkway instead of sitting on top. By adding some space between regular concrete pavers, the water gets directed back into the ground as it rains. This prevents destructive water runoff or puddles that you can step into. If you need some walkway paver ideas, check out several of the permeable paver projects that Willow Gates Landscaping has completed over the years. 

19. Pea Gravel Pavers

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For a more textured look, combine any type of paver with pea gravel to give a more informal look. Using a wider paver such as flagstone or slate and spacing them further apart gives room to place the pea gravel around the pavers. This walkway paver idea provides many opportunities for creativity.

To keep the pea gravel from getting spread around, use GFTK Xtreme Joint Compound to hold the gravel firm. It is water-permeable and is especially suitable for wide joints like those pictured above.

20. Wood-Look Pavers

If you like the look of wood boards as a walkway paver idea, get wood-look pavers to create a unique walkway through your property. This option will feel like the solid paver surface you want while looking like a wood floor.  Make your friends turn their heads as you impress them with this walkway paver idea. 

21. Mosaic Pavers

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Mosaic pavers can bring a blast of elegance and color to your backyard. Make your walkway into a design and showcase your creativity in your backyard. This is a more expensive walkway paver idea but it is worth it if you want to stamp your imagination on your property.

22. Glass Pavers

Add novelty and elegance to your property with clear glass pavers. Use small pea gravel as the base to serve as the backdrop for the glass pavers. Others will never forget your property when you incorporate this walkway paver idea into your backyard. 

23. Shellstone Pavers

Even if you live nowhere near the ocean, you can bring the ocean vibe to your home. Shellstone pavers are a blend of seashells and paver material. Adding this paver walkway idea to your backyard and some ocean decorations will bring a vibe that few people can resist. Create the feel that you want for your patio and walkway. 

24. Basalt Pavers

Basalt pavers bring a sophisticated look to your paver walkway. Because they are a natural volcanic rock, basalt pavers will be a durable solution for your landscaping needs. Dark in color, especially when wet, basalt pavers can make your backyard visually appealing.

Additionally, they can be combined with lighter pavers to create a contrasting design. Although they can be stained, basalt pavers are pretty heat resistant, which can benefit specific applications, such as beside a fireplace. For more walkway paver ideas, see our walkway paver galleries.

25. Onyx Pavers

Bring a splash of color and luxury to your project with onyx pavers. This paver walkway idea comes in various breathtaking colors, including white, green, red, and blue. Depending on the finish, onyx pavers can be slightly translucent, giving them a glowing effect. This option is more expensive and harder to find, but onyx pavers will bring a high-end feel to your walkway. 

26. Quartzite Pavers

Quartzite pavers are a popular hardscape option because they are resistant to wear and tear and are low maintenance. They are made of natural stone and have a range of colors, including white, gray, pink, and green. Quartzite pavers also have several finishes and textures.

All these options guarantee that you will be able to find a color and texture that you like and that will go well with your landscaping.  Quartzite pavers are a more affordable natural stone option, making them the perfect choice for you!

27. Split-face Pavers

Split-face pavers are an excellent walkway paver idea if you want a rustic appearance. These pavers are rough and uneven, resembling stone that has been split. This visually appealing option is not ideal if you like smooth walkways, but they provide slip resistance when they get wet. Overall, split-face pavers make a rustic pathway on your property.

28. Red Porphyry Pavers

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Another volcanic rock paver is the red porphyry paver. Reddish brown in color, they can add warmth and character to your space, making them a great paver walkway idea. Although they might not be as available as some walkway paver ideas, they can bring a natural look to your backyard. 

29. Metal Pavers

For a fashionable, industrial look, use metal plates or grids as metal pavers for your walkway. Completely departing from a stone or concrete product, you will have a durable paver that will not crack or break. Although they get hot when in the sun, metal pavers can be an excellent walkway paver idea if you want an industrial-themed walkway.

30. Recycled Brick Pavers

If you like the idea of being eco-friendly, consider using recycled brick pavers. This option will bring a weathered and rustic charm to your home that few other options can. Recycled brick pavers would match a modern or industrial look as well as a rustic backyard theme. Although they are simple pavers, recycled brick pavers bring many options to the table. Use this walkway paver idea to transform your space!

At Willow Gates Landscaping, we offer more products than walkways or walkway paver ideas. We do many projects that include firepits, retaining walls, and permeable driveways. Our skilled landscaping team can handle any project that comes your way.

What Walkway Paver Idea Is The Most Affordable?

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Concrete pavers are the most efficient use of your budget. They are cheaper to buy than most paver products, and they can be installed at a reasonable price. This affordable option also brings varying colors and designs, giving you a wide array of choices at a low cost. For more information on pricing, read our blog on “How Much Does Landscaping Cost”.

What Walkway Paver Ideas Are The Easiest To Install?

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If you are looking to install your own patio or walkway, a small, manufactured paver will be the easiest to install.  Natural stone pavers look nice but are more difficult to install because they are heavier. We also recommend a paver 8” x 8” or smaller because larger ones are harder to handle. 

Use a square or rectangle paver to simplify the pattern. The more simple the pattern, the easier it will be to install. If you prefer someone to install it for you, get a free quote from Willow Gates Landscaping to do it for you. Take a look at our hardscaping options or one of our featured projects!

What Walkway Pavers Are The Best In Snow?

The best walkway pavers for snow are permeable pavers because they tend to drain better. This often will keep water from puddling up and causing ice to form. Additionally, because they level, they are easy to clear.
The slight roughness of the concrete makes it easier to maintain a grip on the walkway. All together, permeable pavers make the best paver walkway idea for your property. Above is a video on the benefits of using permeable pavers for a driveway; the same concepts also apply to walkways.

What Do I Need To Put Under Walkway Pavers?

To prevent your walkway pavers from settling and becoming unlevel, the base beneath them must be done properly. First, lay down permeable landscape fabric to separate the stone and the dirt.

Next, you want a layer of course material, preferably something close to #5 (1”) stone gravel. That should tamped properly and then covered with a finer substance such as ⅜” stone. After tamping again, the pavers would then go on top of this. Watch the timelapse video above to see how we prepare the base for our projects. 

How Deep Does My Paver Walkway Base Need To Be?

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The depth of your base can vary a bit depending on the use. For a paver walkway, 4”- 6” of stone is necessary for best results. However, for a driveway or something with heavier use, at least 6” – 8” of stone is necessary. 

Should I Put a Weed Barrier Under My Paver Walkway?

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How do you prevent weeds from growing in between your pavers? Although weeds may be unavoidable, there are several things you can do for better weed control. Building the foundation correctly is the first step to preventing weeds.  Using crushed stone instead of sand can be better for weed control.

Sweeping polymeric sand (sand that gets hard when exposed to moisture) in between the pavers after they are laid can create a barrier for the weeds while also providing more stability for the pavers. 

Several home remedies can be used as a proactive step to prevent them from coming in the first place.  You can spread baking soda, vinegar, or dish soap in a water solution over your patio occasionally to prevent weeds from coming up. Depending on the type of patio you have, you should research your situation before you attempt any of these.

What Are The Basic Tools Needed To Install A Paver Walkway?

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Tools you need to install a paver walkway:

  • Safety goggles
  • Hearing protection
  • Gloves
  • Kneepads
  • Tape measure and pencil
  • String and stakes
  • Level
  • Saw with a masonry blade
  • Rubber mallet
  • Tamper
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Shovel
  • Broom
  • Water hose

In order to install a paver walkway, you will need various tools, assuming the base is already there, tamped, and ready for pavers to be laid down. To start with, you should use the following things for your own comfort and safety: goggles (especially for cutting pavers), hearing protection, gloves, and kneepads. 

You will want layout tools as well, including a tape measure, string, and stakes to guide you as you are laying pavers. You will want a level as well to verify the correct sloping. 

A saw with a masonry blade is necessary if you have curves or a staggered pattern. If you keep it simple, you will have limited cuts. You may get by with a hammer and chisel. A rubber mallet will be beneficial to make sure everything is tight and snug. 

Throughout your entire process, you will need a tamper to ensure everything is as packed down as possible. These are available for rent at many equipment rental stores or even Lowes or Home Depot. 

The following tools will be used at various points throughout the installation process, and we recommend that you keep them around: a wheelbarrow, shovel, broom, pencil, and water hose. More tools can make the installation process easier, but these are the ones we deem necessary. 
If you are interested in installing a hardscape project of any kind, contact us for a free quote or schedule a consultation to discuss your walkway paver ideas. If you want to see our finished projects, check out our Photo Galleries or our Featured Projects. Additionally, we have articles on hardscaping topics if you want more information. We want you to have the home you want, and we are willing to work hard to serve you!