New Paver Driveway In Lancaster, PA

custom paver driveway 1

Joe & JoAnn first inquired about a driveway project in 2020 during an incredibly busy time, and when they didn’t receive a timely response, they stopped by the office to try connecting. That’s how enthusiastic they were about having us consult on their proposed permeable paver driveway project in Lancaster PA! But why permeable? And why a new driveway? Due to the pandemic, they were forced to postpone a dream vacation to Europe and their attention turned to their deteriorating driveway and ongoing stormwater issues.

The site presented several interesting challenges. There was a significant slope from the street towards the home, and currently, stormwater from the street could enter the driveway and overwhelm the existing drain. Since the driveway and home were lower than the surrounding grades, there was no way to daylight a drain if the permeable driveway base reached maximum capacity. This permeable driveway required some thoughtful design to counter these site challenges. The end result is a paver driveway that can store up to a 3-4” rainfall, and if there is a series of severe rain events an overflow has been built into the system. The concrete interlocking pavers are de-icing salt resistant, easing winter maintenance needs.

Large driveway-rated slabs were chosen for aesthetics, with contrasting borders to create added curb appeal. The front entry to the home also received a makeover; the space was enlarged and more room was provided for decorative pots. The paving pattern in this area is contrasting; this adds visual interest to the front door of the home and delineates the entry area from the driveway. Thank you, Joe & JoAnn, for trusting us with the design and installation of your paver driveway project!