Your Path To Creating Lasting Curb Appeal
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The plants, trees, and shrubs around your home can say a lot about the people who live inside. A professional landscaping design and installation creates warmth and adds value to your home.

Perhaps you haven’t done much with your landscaping design because you aren’t sure where to begin. Or maybe you just need some help to spruce things up. Maybe you’d like some solid advice on what to plant where or how to incorporate your love of color into your backyard plans. Willow Gates Landscaping is your specialist for landscaping in Lancaster, Berks, Chester, and Delaware counties and beyond. From complete redesigns to seasonal maintenance, we’re here to transform your backyard with professional landscaping designs that will provide long-lasting curb appeal and year-round beauty!

Check out our blog on the costs of landscaping and see what and how your next Summer or Spring Landscape project may cost!

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Have you ever returned from a hard day of work and wished for a quiet place to relax with the family? You want to have a backyard barbecue with your friends, but the backyard is almost embarrassing.

Imagine a few months from now, a new professionally designed landscape complete with easy-to-care-for plants and shrubs with year-round color. Your new landscape design can be a place of refuge for birds and pollinators, a place where you can be happy to invite friends, and together, you can bask in the beauty of nature surrounding your patio.

Your PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPING DESIGN can include stormwater solutions, a hardscape patio or driveway, a running water garden or fountain to ease your mind after a hard day’s work, and perhaps some of your own design ideas. We’d love to help you create an inviting backyard for you and your friends to enjoy.


Perhaps you have the new landscape plan in your head. For years you’ve been collecting ideas of what you want your new backyard to look like. And the time has finally come to find a professional landscaping contractor to transform your ideas into reality!

We will gladly assist you in completing your dream backyard design and may even have more professional ideas that are rarely found in a landscaper’s palette.

Whether you have a complete scaled landscape design already completed or you haven’t a clue where to begin, we can help! With an extensive background in horticulture and decades of experience selecting the appropriate plants for challenging garden areas, we’ll find a beautiful solution for your backyard getaway!

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Do your shrubs look like a jungle? Or even worse, does it look like your barber trimmed your shrubbery? With a chainsaw? You wouldn’t want your friends walking around the backyard the way it looks, and you’re too busy to do the job yourself.

We can help get the job done. Many of our satisfied clients hire us year after year to trim their shrubbery, edge the beds, apply weed control, and mulch. Some have been coming back to us for professional landscape maintenance every season since 2005, and we’d love to help you too!


Your new Landscape Design will never be complete without the sound of water running in the garden. No more having to go to the river or the ocean to hear the sounds of water and experience its soothing effect.

We love to incorporate the sounds of nature alongside the colorful design of shrubs and trees. Including a water feature in your landscape design can mask background noise and attract birds and pollinators to your garden.

We even offer options that can be incorporated into our professional hardscape designs. These new water features can be integrated into retaining or seating walls, pillars, or even a permeable paver driveway or patio!

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Want to add more ambiance and interest to your landscape? Low-voltage landscape lighting is a great way to highlight a special tree, enjoy a unique feature of your home, provide added safety and security, and enjoy your landscape even more. We offer a variety of options to light up the night with high-quality, energy-efficient landscape lighting manufactured right here in the USA.

Our Professional Landscape Designs offer options that make your landscape attractive, enjoyable, and safe. You can enjoy your landscape and patio long after dark with an efficient LED lighting design!