Permeable Driveways

Advantages Of PErmeable Driveways

Permeable Driveways provide an answer to more than just a parking space or a means to access your garage! A permeable concrete paver driveway offers several distinct advantages compared to a traditional concrete or asphalt driveway. Superior design options, durability, and environmental protection are all benefits of installing this alternative driveway.

With the many varied shapes, textures, and colors available in concrete pavers, the design options are nearly endless. We aren’t limited to just adding a contrasting border around the perimeter. We can also do things like complex inlays. It may be a stunning centerpiece, such as the 30’ compass rose inlay in our award-winning True North driveway project shown to the side. Or perhaps it’s a double border that echoes colors in your home. Inlays may also echo architectural details, such as the diamond in our Artistic Driveway project shown below.

permeable driveway drainage
paver permeable driveway in pa

Concrete pavers offer an exceptionally durable surface. With a compressive strength of 200-300% greater than poured concrete slabs, they offer a written warranty against damage from de-icing salts. As a flexible pavement system, they can have minor movement with freeze-thaw cycles. A concrete paver system also allows the ability to remove pavers to add or repair utilities, then reinstall the pavers for a seamless, invisible repair. While concrete pavers may be sealed to help protect the surface from stains and fading, the sealer is optional. The system will not deteriorate structurally with a lack of sealer, unlike traditional asphalt, which needs to be resealed regularly.

A permeable concrete paver driveway offers several benefits to the environment. First, they may be designed to contain a 100-year rainstorm with little to no runoff! This prevents pollutants from washing off the driveway, flooding streets, overwhelming sewer treatment plants, and ultimately carrying sediment and pollutants into the waterways. Rather, these pollutants are filtered through the stone base and broken down by beneficial bacteria in the base and underlying soil. Second, a permeable system can contain stormwater runoff from other structures, such as your house or garage. Third, the permeable system allows snow to melt much more quickly and eliminates refreezing at night. This greatly reduces the amount of ice melt required, reducing both financial cost and impact on the environment.

Our clients request permeable driveways for all of the above reasons. In some cases, the local municipality is requiring permeable pavement as part of their stormwater management plan; they may be required to replace some existing impervious pavement with permeable pavers in order to build a swimming pool or addition to their home.  Others are struggling with flooding or erosion issues on their property, and a permeable driveway can help alleviate that.  Other clients simply appreciate the fact that they can do their part to lessen flooding and pollution in the local waterways, and chose permeable pavers for that reason alone. 

We have extensive experience in designing and building permeable concrete paver systems.  With the innovative products on the market today, we are able to offer permeable jointing that is attractive, low maintenance, and looks identical to a traditional paver system.  A permeable driveway begins with calculating the amount of stormwater that must be stored; the strength and infiltration rates of the soil are also considered when determining the depth of the stone base. The end result is a permeable driveway design that will enhance the value of your home or business and solve water runoff issues.

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advatages of permeable driveways

Keep in mind that permeable driveways are a new concept in many towns and among many paver contractors. It is important that your Permeable Driveway Contractor understands how to discuss the benefits and constructability with the local municipality, which may not be familiar with permeable pavement. Infiltration rates of the soils, the void space of the selected pavers, and infiltration rate of the joint fill materials are all critical factors in designing & installing a successful permeable paver project!  We have extensive documentation that typically allows for a smooth permitting process, as well as software that allows us to design systems specific to the local soil types and weather patterns.  This helps assure code officials and homeowners alike that the system is properly designed and will last for decades!

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