Downingtown Patio and Pergola

Eric & Jill called to request a consultation, as they had several issues they wanted to resolve. First, their deck was old and worn. They also wanted more space for outdoor living, some protection from the sun and rain, and to address some drainage issues. They also wanted to address the narrow front walkway and the deteriorating concrete front porch.

Through the process of several meetings, a comprehensive landscape and patio design was fleshed out that would meet all of their needs. After removing the deteriorating wooden deck, an extra thick stone base was installed to address some of the soft soil and drainage issues. The foundation was waterproofed after excavation to prevent future stormwater issues.

We spent hours with Eric & Jill to make sure all the colors and paver materials would exactly meet their vision. The extra time spent during the patio design process ensured that the end results met both their high expectations and ours! They chose Techo-Bloc materials throughout the project for proven durability. A redwood pergola and retractable canopy provide protection from both the hot sun and rain, and lighting ensures that they can entertain guests long after the sun has set!

It was a pleasure working with Eric and Jill, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with them on this beautiful project in Chester County!