Beautiful Covered Deck and Fireplace Near Lancaster, PA

We’ve been honored to work with Jeff & Diana on several projects at their home in Lancaster County.  Jeff first discovered us on Instagram, and after following our work for a while reached out for a consultation.  The first phase of work was update the front of their home, as the walkway and landscape were not at all welcoming or attractive.  We designed and installed a new landscape, complete with a new concrete paver front walkway and landscape lighting.  They had several beautiful mature trees, and we chose to uplight them to reveal their beauty long after the sun has set.

Jeff and Diana continued to follow our other projects on social media and watched as we began building comprehensive outdoor living areas with pools, decks, kitchens and more.  They again turned to us for assistance with renovations to their back deck.  Their deck had first generation synthetic decking, which often weathers poorly.  They had begun discussions with another contractor that stalled when they couldn’t find a railing that met their criteria.  They dreamed of a solid black PVC deck board for the drink rail, which is not readily available.  We searched and were able to import the perfect board from Canada!  The deck renovation included re-staining some of the existing framing, adding a ceiling in an unfinished area of the deck, and resurfacing the deck with solid PVC deck boards.  All of our deck projects are specified with solid PVC boards, as this eliminates the issues commonly found with lower grade composite decking.

We appreciate our long-time relationship with Jeff & Diana, and they are our first clients for our new home renovation division!  Diana needed a better office space to work from home, and Jeff wanted a better work area in the garage.  Their home renovation project included insulation, HVAC, drywall, and hardwood floors.  The first floor garage has been upgraded with additional lighting, plentiful outlets, and new drywall.  The second floor space was formerly unfinished; it is now offers a beautiful office space with better natural lighting and a reading nook.  We’re excited to launch this new division, and appreciate their trust in us!

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Who is Willow Gates Landscaping?

At Willow Gates Landscaping, our commitment revolves around delivering exceptional services to our valued customers. We prioritize three core values on every jobsite: quality, integrity, and relationships. Our foundation is built upon hard work, precision, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that our customers receive top-notch craftsmanship.

We believe that integrity is necessary in every deal we undertake. We make a conscious effort to maintain transparency and honesty with our customers, offering outstanding work at affordable prices. Above all, we cherish the relationships we build with our clients. We place great importance on open communication and respect the privacy of those we work with. Our genuine appreciation for our customers is evident in every aspect of our service.

Willow Gates Landscaping provides a diverse range of services. If you’re interested in learning more about each offering, please click on a link below. We are more than happy to discuss any of these services with you!


Landscape Design

From poolside lounge areas to curved flowerbeds, we will craft your property into a restful spot for you and your family.

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Hardscape Patios

Using quality products, our team is skilled in patios, walls, and steps. Whatever features you need, we can design and implement.

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Permeable Driveways

Permeable driveways bring numerous advantages over asphalt driveways. Learn what it takes to install a new driveway.

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Landscape Lighting

For any project, we can add lighting to take your landscape to new heights. Light up your property with landscape lighting.

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Stormwater Management

Because patios and other hardscaping can create a need for stormwater management, we design and implement effective water management solutions.

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Water Features

Waterfalls create a peaceful and serene environment and can be coupled with pools or gardens. Add one to take your property to the next level.

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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces are excellent spaces to add to a property. We are experienced in designing and installing this type of backyard project.

General Contracting

We can do projects that involve more than landscaping and hardscape. No matter what is involved, we will work to make your dreams become reality!