Oley Paver Patio

“This paver patio project in rural Berks County began with a phone call from Fred & Maxi. They knew that their old wooden deck was rotting and in need of replacement, and they also knew they wanted more space for entertaining friends and family outdoors next to their pool. Existing slopes needed to be be corrected by building retaining walls, which also served as additional seating.

During the design process, elevations and slopes were carefully calculated to provide adequate drainage for the patio yet minimize the number of required steps. Lighting was also part of the plan, and includes locally crafted solid copper lanterns as well as low voltage LED lighting built into the wall. The highlight of this paver project is the compass rose inlay; this feature uses contrasting paving slabs to create a custom patio that continues the tradition of fine craftsmanship of Lancaster & Berks County masons. We thank Fred & Maxi for opening their home for the 2016 Patio and Outdoor Living Tour!”