full yard landscape installation in lancaster

Have you ever heard the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Sometimes it’s hard not to! Have you ever driven past a house wondering “who in the world lives there”? Maybe it was piles of stone in the yard. Maybe it was a jungle-like lawn, with trees and shrubs that could touch the sky. The truth is, it can be super tough to care for your property. Sometimes outdoor landscaping finds itself at the bottom of your to-do list. Here is something you may need to hear…

That’s okay.

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We have all been there! We know what it’s like to be changing jobs and coming home late, in the dark, and not the time to begin your project. We completely get that having a new baby takes up so much time, who cares if your patio ever gets built in the backyard. During the seasons of life where you just can’t muster the strength to tackle another project, allow us to help. We absolutely love landscape installation and the smiles that come with seeing the property re-done.

Whether you have a plan or haven’t even started the process yet…we have some ideas that could bring new life to your outdoor landscape!


Backyard Patio Landscape Installation

patio landscape installation

Entertaining guests can be a lot of fun. Preparing the house for a night of memories, games, and friends almost doesn’t feel like work. Image having a beautiful outdoor space where friends and family could spend hours. You can have all of that and more with your own backyard patio! Using our landscape installation and design is easy! Just reach out to us to begin!

fireplace landscape installation

Do you still want to connect outside even in the not-so-great weather? Grab a pavilion to put over your new backyard patio to make sure that everyone stays dry! Want even more? Try a custom-built fireplace on your patio. Stay warm on cold nights, and have the perfect way to make smores for everyone to enjoy! We want you speak into the creation of your patio, so that our landscape installation team can give you exactly what you are looking for.

Outdoor Kitchen Landscape Installation

outdoor kitchen landscape installation

Go above and beyond when entertaining your guests! You may not have realized it, but landscape installation also can include kitchens! Have you ever been grilling burgers for everyone in the pouring rain? It is not fun. With an outdoor kitchen, your friends can sit outside and enjoy the amazing smell of your cooking right on your patio. Check out our kitchen designs here for more creative ideas!


Driveway Landscape Installation

pavers landscape installation

Landscape installation can also include a paver driveway! This type of driveway while being more attractive than concrete, is also stronger. Let us know how you want your design, and we can create a custom driveway just for you. The bonus is, paver driveways can also be used for stormwater management. But more on that later!

Traditional Landscape Installation

traditional landscape installation

Landscape installation doesn’t need to be complex! Create a space for walkways, bushes, trees, gardens, or anything that you have dreamt that your yard could have. It all starts with landscape designing. Tell us what your vision is for your yard, and then we will do what we do best! Create a space that you can’t wait to show off! From mulching to adding in those extra features…we can give you your dream space. For some extra ideas and resources, check out this page!


Maintaining Landscape Installation

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Not only can you get your whole front and back yard spruced up, but you can choose to have it maintained as well. It can be tough after your outdoor property is refreshed to keep up with all of the maintenance. Allow Willow Gates to trim your shrubs, edge your driveway, mulch, control weeds and more. We can come back year after year to help keep your property looking pristine.

Water Features

water feature landscape installation

What is more relaxing than sitting on the edge of a stream, just taking in the scenery of the outdoors. Bring that relaxation right to your backyard with a water feature. Sit outdoors while you work right next to your new custom waterfall. Enjoy food and drinks with friends while your fountain adds the perfect amount of ambient noise. A water feature can provide the perfect accent to any backyard.

Landscape Lighting

pave light landcape installation

Landscape installation wouldn’t be complete without a way to actually see it! There are numerous options when it comes to landscape lighting. Light your walkway to the front door, guiding guests into your home. Light up the patio where you plan on spending every evening this summer. You can even add light to the water features, accenting the focal point of your new backyard. With endless possibilities, light adds the extra spark you need for your new space to be complete.


Storm Water Management

storm water management landscape installation

Have you ever had this happen to you? You spend so much time making your property look nice with mulch, grass, and a myriad of other plants. Then a big storm hits. All of the sudden, your hard work is completely ruined because the water didn’t have a designed space to go. We have been there.

Allow us to help, with storm water management landscape installation. Water shouldn’t control your property. You can control the water! Here are a few ways to help to control something that has the potential to ruin your indoor and outdoor property.

Rain Garden – These gardens are a way to trap the water with plants that can hold a lot. Create a space that not only keeps the water where you want it, but also helps create life in the process!

Infiltration Beds – This is an out of sight, out of mind method of controlling water. It is simply a large 4-5 foot hold that is filled with stone. It creates a small water gathering space underground that takes it away from ruining your basement or garden.

Pavers – This is a permeable driveway option that allows some of the water to actually soak through. Instead of being trapped on top of concrete and running rampant, it can now have an easier time soaking into the land.



There are a lot of different options when it comes to creating a beautiful landscape on your property. Landscape installation can include traditional landscaping, patios, water management, pavers, lighting, kitchens, and more! We would recommend beginning with a budget. What do you have the space to do and what do you want to spend on your project? From there, we can talk about design desires and how to create your beautiful area. Interested in hardscaping too? Check out this blog!

Finally, you can craft your add-ons. Do you want that fireplace you have been dreaming of? Would you like to cook for a get-together of 20 people in your outdoor kitchen? Tell us what you want, and we will work to find you the best deal on getting it!

Give yourself the gift of done, by allowing us to take care of your landscaping. We take care of your property like it was our own. Allow us to show you why people choose us time and time again for their projects. We cannot wait to work with you!