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Why Work With Us?

There are plenty of reasons you should choose Willow Gates for your landscaping needs. Our professional crew is determined to get you the backyard space you want, plus all of our jobs are 100% OSHA approved so you don't have a thing to worry about. See below why you should choose Willow Gates Landscaping to build your next outdoor living space.

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Passion For Our Work

At Willow Gates Landscaping we have a passion for the work we do everyday. We enjoy the challenges of creating unique outdoor spaces, incorporating design elements the Jones' don't have. That passion leads to pride in our workmanship. We want everyone we serve to smile every time they look at their new landscape because we've created a refuge from their busy lives.

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Relationships Matter

We've learned that people and relationships are what truly matter. That's true within our company, with our suppliers and with our clients. Mutual respect and appreciation make the difference between completing a quality project within the deadline...or not.

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Its The People

The suppliers who make an urgent shipment so the crew can continue working. The employees who work late into the evening or come in on Saturday. All so a project is ready for a client's special event or to beat a major storm.

As a result of our people-first philosophy, we form lasting relationships with clients that go beyond a simple project. In fact, we've served many of our clients since 2002 and some have truly become friends. We hear from them in good times and in bad, receive Christmas cards and even trade prayer requests when family members are ill.

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Detailed And Specific Contracts

Our clients receive contracts and designs that are detailed and specific. We believe our clients deserve to know exactly what services they will receive, when work will begin and an approximate date for completion.

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We Respect Your Home

At Willow Gates Landscaping, we understand that our clients are trusting us with their greatest assets - their home and, in many cases, their families. That's why we approach every job with respect from start to finish. Our crew will always be in uniform. We don't permit profanity, smoking or other unprofessional conduct or dress. We don't think our clients should have to worry if their young children are outdoors watching us work. If we need to enter your home, our shoes will be clean…or they stay outside. In short, we treat your home as if it were our own.

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Dedication To Continuing Education

We understand the quality of our work depends on continuing education. That's why we dedicate at least one week every year to taking classes that further our expertise in hardscaping. If you are looking for a Landscaper in Lancaster PA or in the surrounding counties whose aim is to stay up with the times, contact us for a free estimate.

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We Handle Zoning And Storm Water Management Issues

We have experience working with local municipalities on zoning and storm water issues. We’ve found that when treated with respect, zoning officials appreciate working with a company that’s willing go the extra mile and make sure the project will be in compliance.

We go to Great Lengths to Control Silica Dust

Did you know that silica dust from cutting hardscape pavers is very damaging if breathed in? To make your patio installation clean and safe for you and for our employees, we designed our own silica dust collection system to bring the dust levels within the OSHA guidelines. If you are looking to install a patio, make sure you ask your contractor how they control silica dust.