Segmental Retaining Wall

Bob & Kimberly requested a consultation for a failing retaining wall. The natural stone walls set by another retaining wall installer were collapsing, and they were struggling with drainage issues as well. There was also a steep bank, and they wanted some protection from the dropoff while driving up to the garage. The retaining wall project was complicated by the surcharge from the driveway and the steep toe slope. There was also significant water draining towards the wall from the sloping driveway, and the small drain basin wasn’t working well.

We solved all of the existing site issues with a well-designed segmental retaining wall (SRW) system. Due to soft soils and the excessive toe slope, the footer consist of a 36” wide and 24” deep stone base. A footer drain was installed to address the saturated soils, along with a typical drain behind the footer course. A 36” wide permeable paver band was installed, with a separate drain pipe system, to handle all the runoff from the driveway and safely convey the water away from the retaining wall system.

This retaining wall project in Mohnton, PA has added safety and beauty to the home! Efficient LED lighting in the wall creates a warm welcome when returning home from a long day at work. Looking for a RETAINING WALL BUILDER in Lancaster, Chester, Berks or the surrounding counties? We’d love to help!