Permeable Patio in Honey Brook, PA

Ben & Lauren contacted us before the pool was installed, which was perfect timing! They had already chosen a pool builder and a pool size, but weren’t sure on the precise placement. We designed the placement and elevation of the pool so that it would work well with the overall design. Channel drains are unattractive, so this poolside patio was designed with permeable concrete pavers to avoid the need for any drains! While the paver base can contain a significant amount of rain, the overflow is piped to an infiltration pit.

A timeless design, with simple classic colors and lines, was the goal. Square corners are offset with semi-circle accents and a curving walkway. Bluestone was used for step treads and wall caps, both for its durability and classic color. The patio was designed to allow gathering spaces around the pool during the summer, yet still have sufficient space near the home for the rest of the season when the pool is closed. This young family has a wonderful backyard to enjoy with their friends and family, especially important in 2020!

Thanks for choosing us for your patio design and build, Ben & Lauren! We especially appreciate involving us early in the process and getting our input on the pool placement, as it made designing the space much easier!