Patio Project in Reading PA

Mike and Kristel reached out to us to get started on an upgrade for their backyard patio project in Reading PA. This patio project presented a few challenges to overcome. To start things off, there was already an existing concrete slab patio in the backyard that was settling and creating drainage issues in the basement of the house. Another problem to overcome was the fact that the entire backyard sloped steeply toward the back of the house. Mike and Kristel wanted to solve the drainage issues while creating a small space to gather with friends and family. Another bonus of this project is the increased resale value of the home. 

When we work in backyards with challenging drainage issues, we aim to design redundant systems that ensure we won’t receive a callback about continuing problems. No one wants to invest in a project only to have the same problems continue! 

The retaining wall carved more space out of the hill in the backyard and helped direct runoff around the patio. A french drain surrounding the patio, underdrains in the permeable patio, and a surface drain combines to protect the home and patio during extreme downpours.

A new concrete paver walkway connects the front yard to the storage shed, replacing a loose flagstone walkway that made difficult terrain for the lawn mower to get over. Classic cobblestone-style pavers were used for the walkway, repeating as a border around the patio with larger concrete paving slabs. We love to mix up paving materials on our patio projects, but we make sure to tie all the areas together cohesively. Repeating some elements throughout the project is a great way to ensure the different areas complement each other. 

Thank you, Mike & Kristel, for choosing Willow Gates for your backyard patio project in Reading PA!  We wish you many years of making memories in your backyard!

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