5 Unique Hardscape Ideas to make Your Outdoor Living Area Stand Out

Hardscape Patio Ideas in PA

A Hardscape Patio in Lancaster PA

Are you looking for hardscaping ideas to make your Outdoor Living area the best it can be? As you have already figured out, not all outdoor living areas are created equal! Some add hardscape ideas that make them stand out in design and usefulness.

Here we offer five unique HARDSCAPE IDEAS to make your outdoor living space more enjoyable year round!

Creative Paver Pattern Ideas

You do not have to have the best hardscape ideas to have a very beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. To help in making your outdoor living area the sweet spot of the neighborhood, find a talented hardscape contractor who can install a custom inlay or unique pattern.

Concrete paver and natural stone patio offerings have expanded dramatically in the last few years. New, more saturated colors can create vivid contrasts. New paver dimensions and shapes can lend themselves to creating stunning patterns for your new outdoor living space.

The best part is that some custom paver inlays can be installed without adding a lot of extra expense.

Creative Hardscape Ideas for a Patio in PA

Compass Star Pattern for a Patio in PA

Lighting for Your Hardscape Patio

If you’ve invested in a paver or flagstone patio, chances are you’ll want to relax there in the evenings with friends or perhaps your spouse. Picture yourself sitting out on a warm summer evening, as the stars appear and the crickets are serenading. And you whip out your phone and turn on the flashlight so you can find your drink... doesn’t that ruin the ambience?

Include some lighting in your new hardscape patio design both for safety and to extend the hours that you can use your patio. LED lighting is efficient and is available in every style, including classic, craftsman, modern, and whimsical!

If lighting doesn’t fit into your budget immediately, ask your hardscape contractor if you can make preparation to add lighting later. Strategically placing conduit can save hundreds of dollars later when installing a low voltage landscape lighting system.

Hardscape Lighting Ideas for a Backyard Swimming Pool in Morgantown, PA

Landscape Lighting Ideas for your Hardscape Patio

Seating Ideas for your new Patio

Many patios or outdoor living areas include seating areas.

Some backyards require retaining walls to create a level area for a patio; many times a creative hardscape designer can alter the design so that the retaining walls can also function as additional seating.

Seating walls are a perfect place to add LED lighting to create a warm welcoming area.

Ideas for Patio Hardscape Walls | Seating Walls

Patio Walls and Seating Walls in One

Add Shade to your Hardscape Patio!

If your patio will be situated on the southern or western side of your home, a lack of shade can render your outdoor living area unusable for much of the year. Certain trees work well to add shade, with the added benefit of providing habitat for wildlife.

Combine that with a pavilion over part of the patio to extend your outdoor living season into, well... all four seasons of the year! You have protection from both the blazing sun and rain, and by simply adding a outdoor heater or fire feature you can even enjoy outdoor living in the winter!

Another option for more shade is a Pergola built into your paver patio design. A pergola provides dappled shade and can create a dramatic focal point in your backyard. Many pergolas are available with retractable canopies, which offer additional shade and protection from rain.

Hardscape Ideas with a Pavilion

Pavilion Idea for your Hardscape Patio

Multiple levels and Raised Patios

Some sites work best with the patio with just one level, particularly if handicap accessibility is a concern. However, a multi-level patio can offer several distinct advantages.

If the site has a great deal of slope, creating multiple levels can reduce the need for railings or retaining wall reinforcements. A spacious patio can be divided into distinct areas, such as a kitchen, dining area, and perhaps a hot tub.

Consider adding a sunken fire pit area to create a cozy space to relax! Installing your kitchen one step higher than the patio allows a kitchen counter to serve as a counter space in the kitchen, yet be a bar height on the side of the patio. A counter height is typically 34-36”, and a bar height is approximately 40-42”.

Be cautious not to make each area of the patio too small, as that can reduce the usable area and make your patio feel much smaller than it actually is!

Ideas for a Stepped Hardscape Patio with a Bar

An Example of a Stepped Patio with Bar

Bring your own Hardscaping Ideas

Most of all, bring your hardscape ideas to the table and ask your hardscaping contractor what it would take to incorporate those into the design. There are countless ways to add detail and usefulness to your Outdoor Living Space with the right design

Ideas for a Hardscape Patio