Silica Dust Control for Your Hardscape Project

Did you know that silica dust from hardscape concrete pavers is very dangerous to breathe? It causes irreparable damage to ones lungs. For years, hardscape contractors used (and some continue to use) simple masks- or nothing!- to block out silica dust and many have suffered as a result. Wearing a respirator protects those close by minimally, but the dust that settles in the house and garage during a patio install can be overwhelming.

At Willow Gates Landscaping, we care both about our employees and about you as a homeowner. We have invested in state-of-the-art silica dust control measures to keep your home virtually dust free during the installation. With dust control your home will not be coated with a layer of dust after the project is completed.

Make sure you ask any contractor how they control the silica dust before signing a contract on a project! Best case scenario, you will have your property coated in dust. Worst case scenario, your contractor may be cited by OSHA and issued a stop work order, leaving you with an incomplete project.

Silica Dust Collection Vacuum

The DUST KILLER will protect your home, vehicles and your family from dangerous silica dust. During a normal hardscape installation of any kind, there will be a lot of dangerous silica dust on the job site.

At Willow Gates Landscaping, we attach our saws to this silica dust collector to protect you, your property and our employees.

controlling silica dust on a hardscape project
The Dust Killer
hardscaper with dust control
The Dust Tiger

Table Saw Dust Control

With the Dust Tiger table saw silica dust control attachment, Willow Gates Landscaping will cut block for your wall or patio without the annoying dust settling on your vehicle or inside the house.

You’ll be able to enjoy your hardscape project installation more and not worry about the harmful effects on your own health as well. Our aim is to make cutting on your property clean and healthy for all involved.

Cut-in-Place Attachment

After a strong foundation is created for your patio, driveway or walkway, our team will place the concrete pavers on the prepared site. With the brick in place, we are ready to begin cutting.

This saw is our cut-in-place saw equipped with dust control and it does just that. After the hardscape brick are in place, this saw makes it easy to cut the pattern you have chosen during our hardscape and landscape design phase.

no silica dust hardscaper
The Dust Xtractor
patio builder with silica dust control
The Dust Shark

Wall Cutting Attachment

The wall cutting saw with a silica dust attachment is also carefully designed to protect our employees while they are cutting the brick for the wall. So when you visit the installation site, you can also rest assured that we are doing all we can to protect your health.

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