Landscaping in Reading, PA

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When your home is in need of landscaping work, you can trust our team of professionals. We can create your dream backyard, front yard, and even side yard come to life. We have multiple different landscaping service options from which you could decide from depending on your needs. Explore our entire landscaping services in Reading, Pennsylvania down below!

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Landscaping Designs in Reading, PA

So whether you have an idea in mind or you need inspiration or your dream backyard, we can help you draw up the perfect design. Allow us to come up with a plan for your backyard to give you the relaxation space you desire with the aesthetics that will make your neighbors look twice. We have many landscaping design services in Reading, Pennsylvania including stormwater solutions, patios, pavers, running water gardens, water features, and more.

Landscape Installation in Reading, PA

Are you someone who has a landscaping plan in mind for your outdoor area just need an installer you can trust? We would love to help you install your new outdoor space just the way you’ll like while at the same time offering more professional ideas that are not normally found in a landscaper’s palette.

Let us take a look at your property with your visions of what it can look like in mind and we’ll get to work. Speak to our team today at (717) 341-0540 or contact us to get started. Your next outdoor landscaping project in Reading, PA is just one click away, get started today.


Landscape Maintenance in Reading, PA

Do you already have an outdoor space with landscaping work done to it? In need of a touch-up or maintenance work to make it look new again? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, our landscaping maintenance service in Reading, PA might be what you are looking for. We understand that some people may not have time throughout the day because of their busy schedules, that is why we would love to take care of it for you.

Landscape Water Features in Reading, PA

Have you ever dreamed of having a water feature right in your backyard? Whether it’d be a small pond area, waterfall, poolside patio, or fountain, we can create a lovely space in your backyard with just that! Enjoy your time right in your backyard with a relaxing water feature that is sure to impress everyone who sees it. Don’t settle for a basic backyard space when you deserve a haven right outside your door.

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Landscape Lighting in Reading, PA

Do you love hanging out in your backyard with friends and family? The sun is not out every single minute of the day, so we wanted to provide a solution to those who love the outdoors and want to continue enjoying it when the sun is down. This solution is called landscape lighting. Landscape lighting provides a visual benefit and an aesthetical one as well. Host your party outdoors with the help of landscape lighting in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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See What Our Past Customers Had to Say About Us

“We had some landscaping completed in May 2020. Jeremy, from Willow Gates, drew up some plans to replace the existing over-grown shrubs from around our house as well as on two existing banks. He came up with some beautiful plans using a variety of different plants including Rhododendron, Hydrangea, Boxwood, Hostas, and various perennials.”

Your Landscaping Project in Reading, PA

Now that you’ve learned about all of our landscaping services in Reading, Pennsylvania, it is time to get started. Transforming your outdoor space has never been easier. Don’t settle with having your landscape looking miserable; bring your outdoors to life with a trusted landscaping company in Reading, PA. Give us a call today at (717) 341-0540 to find out which service is right for your yard. Bringing color and life to your backyard has never been easier; call or request a free consultation today.

Our Other Service Areas

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