West Chester Raised Paver Patio

When Joe & Shannon first called us, they were thinking of having part of their deck rebuilt and wanted to have us build a small paver patio adjacent to the deck for grilling. During our consultation, however, Joe asked if we could replace the deck with a raised patio as well. The answer was, of course we can build a raised patio!

A raised patio does involve some special considerations for protecting the foundation of the home. There is a high risk of damaging the foundation of the home when building a raised paver patio, as that greatly increases the surcharge on the home. Fortunately, since Willow Gates has invested heavily in ongoing industry training and certification, we were aware of the risks and how to mitigate them!

We excavated a trench to the footer of the home, relieving the normal pressure of the soil. The foundation was then waterproofed and protected with 2” foam insulation. The trench was filled with clean stone, which placed very little pressure on the foundation, and thus allowing us to proceed with building our retaining walls and paver patio!

Stormwater management was also a consideration; since we were installing more than 400 sq.ft. of impervious surface, an infiltration pit was required. Due to site and code restrictions, this had to be located in the front yard. We diverted downspouts from the back of the home into the infiltration pit, thus meeting local stormwater management codes plus eliminating a wet backyard. We thank Joe & Shannon for trusting us with this complex project!