Unique Hardscape Patio Design

Some Hardscape Patio Design projects seem to take on a life of their own and they become one of our “signature projects”. Perhaps it’s a really special outdoor area. Sometimes it’s an old friend or long-time client. And sometimes, it’s a client who says “show me” and gives us freedom in design their hardscape patio. And sometimes, like the West Chester Backyard Oasis, it’s all of the above!

Suzanne and Doug are long-time clients, as we began working at their previous home in 2009. When they downsized and moved into West Chester, Suzanne requested a consultation for a hardscape patio design. They had certain elements that they wanted to include, and a patio and walkway was the starting point. After several design revisions, we only had to get approval from the borough. Our experience with stormwater management made this a simple process.

Early in the design process, Doug requested a nautilus pattern for a separate fire pit area. A natural, rustic theme with a bit of Oriental flavor was the goal. Unfortunately we weren’t able to include the fire pit, but we expanded the patio and added the nautilus there! Special features include hand fitted Maya stepping stones from Techo-Bloc, locally crafted copper path lighting, and a water feature. The entire back yard was renovated; only a few natural stone pieces were salvaged for use as a rustic path by the house.

Suzanne and Doug, thank you so much for trusting us with designing and creating your backyard oasis! The nautilus was the crowning touch, and we loved the opportunity to hone our craftsmanship. The patio furnishings and accessories are the perfect finishing touch, and as always you have wonderful taste!