Patio for the Good Family

Marcus & Carol are longtime acquaintances through church who hired us to build a small patio in their back yard in 2009. They specifically requested a compact design that included pillars and seating walls. Their household was getting smaller as their children reached adulthood and left home, so a small patio fit their lifestyle perfectly! We included a circle pattern to add a bit of flair to this paver patio. Marcus & Carol have a love of outdoors and gardening, and their home is colorful proof!

In 2013, we returned for phase 2. As grandchildren were joining the family, they needed more space for summertime family gatherings! We added second patio, with a connecting paver walkway. The walkway was built with a thicker base to allow driving equipment into their back yard. We also replaced their stepping stone front walkway with a paver walkway. We used EP Henry materials in both phases.

We thank Marcus & Carol for trusting us with their projects! We also would like to warmly thank them for opening their beautiful home for the 2016 Patio & Outdoor Living Tour!