Outdoor Kitchen With Grill

This outdoor living area was a welcome challenge! Every season, it seems we have one paver patio project that is a “signature project”. A special outdoor place where the client says “give it your best” and gives us free reign in the design. This beautiful patio was our signature project in 2016! In the world of hardscaping, there is immense potential for unique designs. We took full advantage of that on this project, incorporating 6 different pavers in 5 different colors. Some were use to delineate different areas of the expansive patio, such as separating the kitchen and porch areas.

We incorporated different textures, tiered caps for seating walls & pillars, and more for architectural detail. While this project incorporated some our “signature” design touches from previous projects, we spent quite a bit of time developing new techniques in this project that we’ve repeated in subsequent patios.

Our signature projects usually challenge both our patio design and installation talents. This patio project certainly did as well! One of the challenges was building the first built-in application of a Smokin’ Brothers wood pellet grill… a bit of a challenge since this smoker grill is not specifically built for this application. We also had the porch roof supports rebuilt to allow for only 2 posts instead 3, allowing an open view into their back yard.

We thank Daryl & Elaine for the freedom they gave us in designing this outdoor living area and also for allowing us to include their home on the 2016 Patio & Outdoor Living Tour!