Willow Gates Landscaping Returns to Blogging!

Beautiful Patio Project in PA

An Introduction…

Hi, my name is Jeremy Martin and I’m the owner of Willow Gates Landscaping in PA. Years ago, we had an active blog where we discussed some landscape tips, the projects in which we were involved, and general posts related to landscaping. Many changes have occurred since then…

A Brief History

In September 2011, I bought my brother’s share of the business (we had co-founded Willow Gates Landscaping). That winter, I transitioned from hand drawn designs to using CAD software, upgraded all our software, and launched our first website. I also began actively using social media, and the blog… well, it quickly fell by the wayside. Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Houzz, LinkedIn... we began using all of these platforms. In 2015, we invested in a completely new website to better tell our story.

Why blog again?

I miss the opportunity that a blog offers to give you more in-depth content, bringing you deeper behind the scenes a to see how solutions can be developed to some nasty problems that can present themselves at your home. So, here is our return to the blogging world… and obviously you can expect to see content related to landscaping!

What does “landscaping” really include?

Our world has expanded far beyond landscape design, installation, & maintenance (even though that was the core of our business when we began in 2005). Paver patios, retaining walls, fire features, water features, landscape lighting, outdoor structures… all of these have been added to our list of services over the last decade! It would be difficult for me to list a “favorite” service; however, I must say that some of the most challenging and rewarding work we do is solving issues for our clients through some creative design. Sometimes that may be just having the knowledge and experience to design around a difficult site. Sometimes it may be working with local code officials, educating them and myself in the process! This is particularly true when dealing with stormwater management.

What is stormwater management? (and who really cares?)

Stormwater management has become a major concern in our area, especially given that we do a lot of work in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Sometimes we’re simply helping a client resolve onsite drainage issues. Many times, we are also developing stormwater management plans to accompany our patio projects. Simply put, it’s often the only way we can install additional impervious surface (such as a patio, pavilion, walkways, etc.) We’ve developed various methods of capturing and retaining stormwater onsite. Sometimes these are dictated by local codes, but we have been able to utilize infiltration beds, rain gardens, permeable pavers, and other methods. And the best part is that we can often completely disguise an infiltration bed! Few people would ever guess that there is the capability of storing a 4″ rainfall under the poolside patio pictured above!

I welcome any questions you may have regarding our services. If I don’t have an immediate answer, I’ll get it. If it’s not a service we offer, we often have a sub-contractor or a reference to help! Our service area includes Berks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, and Lebanon counties and the surrounding areas.

Jeremy Martin, Owner