Do I need a permit for a patio III?

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Stormwater Permit

While this is relatively new in the residential market, more and more municipalities are now requiring some sort of stormwater management. If you wonder why… just watch the muddy runoff after a heavy rainstorm. Since a lot of our work is in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, these local municipalities are mandated to reduce the contaminants. So what is required for a stormwater permit?

Well, in this case ALL impervious surfaces must be documented- driveways, walkways, buildings, etc. Pools technically qualify as impervious as well, since they don’t allow water to pass through to the soil. Most municipalities offer exemptions ranging from 100 to 1000 square feet, where no management is required.

Management options may include infiltration beds, permeable pavers, rain gardens, or other measures. Some municipalities only require that an infiltration bed be capable of storing a certain amount of rainfall on the proposed impervious surface. Others may have more complicated codes to be met, which may require a stormwater plan by an engineer.

Permeable Pavers for Storm Water Management in PA

Stormwater plan documentation

Permit for a Patio
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