Do I need a permit for a patio?

Walls & Patios - Are Permits required?

Patios, whether they built with flagstone, interlocking concrete pavers, or even poured concrete, often do require a permit. Retaining walls may as well. There are various types of permits, and I’ll give an overview of some of the permits that may be required for a retaining wall or patio project.

If you hire a mason or landscape contractor to complete your project, he should be knowledgeable about local codes and comfortable working with the local municipality. The process is often faster when completed by a contractor who is well versed in code requirements than if you try applying for the permit yourself.

Zoning Permit

A zoning permit is likely the easiest, both to complete the application and get approval. At a minimum, you will need to document your home, property lines, distance from your home to property boundaries, and distance from the wall or patio to the property boundaries. Some municipalities will also require documentation of all existing improvements; this will include patios, walkways, fences, sheds, garages… yes, basically everything on your property that is a permanent fixture! The cost is typically a fixed fee.

Below is an example of the details that may be required for a zoning permit for your new patio and landscaping project. This level of detail may not be required for a zoning permit, but is always required for a stormwater permit.

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